Do You Have Hornets or Wasps and Not Sure What To Do?

Published on 23 August 2023 at 22:13

It seemed like it happened over night, and there it was...  We had a hornet’s nest in the tree limbs that hang over the sidewalk here.  I hate having to kill anything, but knew this nest had to go.

I was lucky enough to have a friend tell me about Dan and Oregon Wasp. They do free removal of aerial hornet nests and wasps. They make medicinal use of the venom. This service has been in continual operation for over 35 years and they are the only free wasp removal service in our area. They cover from Corvallis and within a 45 minutes drive. 

John came out to take care of the nest here and made short order of things. He let me know that after the wasps or hornets are vacuumed up out of their nests, they are then frozen and sent to the lab to create the life saving serum.

They need your active nests that have NOT been sprayed since the venom is used in the production of the lifesaving allergy shots. At least this way they will go to make the antidote for someone who gets stung. “Help turn your nuisance in to your neighbor's medicine.”

With the cost of things now, they do accept donations to offset the gas and things it takes to travel and collect the nests.


Call or text Dan at 541.753.68six1
Or visit:
Donations happily accepted.

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